Strong partners, strong performance.

We owe our entrepreneurial success not only to our own special know-how, but also to the expertise and quality of our strong partners. Take advantage of this close-knit cooperation with every single order!

Our network includes: -Paper suppliers -Printers -Refinement practices -Assembly and bookbinding -Nils Sigel (secret weapon)

-Maybe you as well?!


- from concept to perfect realization.

Our packaging design experts bring your special advertising packaging wishes to life.

Using the latest technologies, we create a prototype using a form-cutting capable plotter, with white or with colored patterns, as well as a computerized three-dimensional model in an interactive PDF CAD format. This allows you to optimize your advertisement to reach a wider variety of people and clearly communicate its message.

Our customers often see this development as a great additional value: on the basis of a concrete model, the product idea can be more easily communicated, analyzed and compared to existing processes, and last but not least, accelerated towards your final goal.


- efficient production for you.

From large deliveries to smaller formats - we make everything possible.

Whether it’s yesterday, today or in the future, we can create classic stand-up displays, creative packaging, interactive displays and innovative give-away advertising material so you land a direct hit at the POS with your target customers. We offer a complete and full service from your prototype up until the delivery of your finished product, friendly advice and many years of expertise from a single source.


- hands on!

From stand up displays to exclusive mailings.

Whether the advertising material is an individual creation or a complex assembly, we will handle it reliably and keep it on schedule. Sometimes while producing individual advertising, some work must be done by hand: we have available to us several hundred people for the assembly of your promotional material, if the process requires it. Whether a one time promotion or high-circulation material, whether its the set up of printed material, filler, special glue or construction of a display - we make it possible even equipped with different components. After all, what would a full-service provider be without an assembly service? Exactly - not a possibility.


- we do the paperwork.

Product finished - job completed? Not really. The logistics is too often overlooked. Make it different this time, let us handle it!

Naturally, we include in our full-service portfolio finding the appropriate solution for the logistics process of your national and international projects. Whether your project is foreign or domestic, single or batch shipments or even sent by public transport - we professionally and reliably handle your shipping from the customs notification clearances to all of the related transport documents. Your order is not successfully completed for us if the time and place of delivery are not adequately met. Please contact us!