The FOAG GROUP consists of highly trained professionals. It is distributed into 3 units - ArtworkDie FOAG GROUP besteht aus drei Units. Die TRANSFORMER, die BRAND PERFORMER und die ARTWORK(ers). Sie alle setzen sich gezielt für Ihre individuellen Marketinganforderungen ein. Jedes Team ist bereit für neue Herausforderungen., Transform and Brand Performer, who are tasked specifically to meet your individual marketing needs. Each team is ready for new challenges.


You see here in a retrospect our most important changes and milestones. We celebrate our successes together and meet the challenges of the future.


Want to work in an interesting environment?

We are looking for top-class people - or people that are motivated into becoming one.
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Sales / Sales Manager (f/m)

Job description:
- As a sales / sales associate for our Unit ARTWORK(ers), you are responsible for the care, information distribution, and expansion of our customer base.
- You are responsible for the sales/marketing of our services and to ensure sales growth by the acquisition of new accounts.
- Optimize our distribution by use of applicable online-media as well as more traditional distribution methods (face-to-face appointments, phone, etc.)
- The maintenance of good contact with our customers, knowing their needs and ensuring the optimal handling of our orders.
- Development and looking for interesting target groups and the acquisition of new customers (cold-calls).
- Daily working hours are from 9:00 - 18:00. (with a 60-minute unpaid break), 28-days annual leave, available immediately.

- You have media education training (commercial) and experience in sales / distribution.
- You are very comfortable with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook) and learning to use our internal programs to create offers, calculation of accounts and projects for profitability.
- You have a basic knowledge of image editing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and 3D software (Maya, Cinema 4 d, etc.)
- You enjoy dealing with people, have strong communication and negotiation skills.
- Customer and service orientation are part of your identity, as well as a strong and persuasive personality.
- Ideally, you already have already worked with the digital retouching/post production/CGI/film professional field.
- Fluency in English - spoken and written.

Please send your strong CV with salary requirements to:


Packaging Design / Prototype Construction (f/m)

Job Description:
- Work in a small, creative team, developing eye-catching POS materials, mostly made out of cardboard, and occasionally designed with integrated electronic components ( i.e. LED lights).
- You will be needed to work independently and watch over your product from creation to its delivery.
- You are ready to expand and grow with our Unit BRAND PERFORMER in the future.

- You are creative and have a very good sense of 2D and 3D packaging creation.
- Being responsible for the purchase and ordering of special materials and services required for the technical aspects of assembling a final product is not a problem.
- Professional-level knowledge of CAD Software from ERPA, preferably Esko, and all major MS-Office programs.
- Creation of packaging prototypes using a cutting table/plotter.
- You preferably have training in packaging design, or have studied in package design technology.
- Driver’s License (German - Class B), friendly and result driven.
- Good English, spoken and written.

Please send your strong CV to:


Teamassistentin-Office Management (w/m)

für 20 Stunden 8:30 - 13:00 Uhr / 4 Tage Woche ab 01.09.2016

eine abgeschlossene kaufmännische Ausbildung und Erfahrung im Arbeitsbereich.

Sie sind:
kommunikativ, freundlich, absolut zuverlässig, belastbar und haben Spaß an einer vielseitigen und selbstständigen Arbeit - dann sind Sie bei uns richtig!

Ihre Aufgaben:
- Vorbereitende, buchhalterische Arbeiten
- Sichere Kommunikation am Telefon mit unseren Partnern und Kunden
- sicherer Umgang mit Microsoft Office Produkten (Excel, Word, Outlook etc.)
- Koordination von Terminen in Microsoft Outlook
- Sprachgewandter Umgang in Bezug auf Formulierungen für Briefe und Serienbriefe inkl. Etiketten etc.
- Microsoft Excel, Kostengegenüberstellungen
- Einkauf von Materialien
- Urlaubsplanung und Koordination mit Servoy
- Rechnungserstellung und Mahnwesen mit Servoy und per E-mail
- Vorbereitende Tätigkeiten / Buchhaltung inkl. Kasse für das externe Steuerbüro
- Vorbereitung externen Rechnungen zur Zahlung mit SFirm
- Flexible Unterstützung unseres Teams in administrativen und organisatorischen Belangen
- Sehr sorgfältiger, zuverlässiger und gewissenhafter Umgang mit wichtigen Dokumenten (zB. Ablage von Verträgen sowohl analog als auch digital)
- Gute Grundkenntnisse in Englisch

Sehr gerne helfen wir Ihnen bei der Einarbeitung in unsere speziellen Anwendungen, z.B.: SFirm und Servoy

Wir bieten:
eine unbefristete Festanstellung in einem jungen engagierten Team
22 Tage Urlaub, 13.800€ brutto/anno
Die Probezeit beträgt 6 Monate
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